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SUN RITE solar welcomes you to world of Solar energy.

Solar energy the power of solar system is already well known to the universe we are all dependent on its energy.

SUN RITE speaks the value of Renewable energy we see vast scarcity of water, power, coal and fuel today to fulfill our daily requirements to fill that SCS has tried to fill the gap with renewable energy available.

One such abundant recourse is sun power or Solar hence we entered into SUN RITE solar division to reframe India in technologies.

We are into manufacturing of solar panels, solar fans, solar lanterns, led lights, solar home lights, solar emergency lights, solar water heaters, solar coolers and solar inverters.

Our vision to be the next generation vision talks about our commitment to the nation. We offer a wide range of mid size products to all segments of people starting with LED lighting with solar, Solar Mobile Chargers, solar Fans, Inverters and Solar power houses. etc.,

Our Products:

Solar Home needs:

Our Speciality:We never believe in pushing products we adopt Consultative selling with a team of well trained technical sales professionals by understanding the customer requirements.

With our wide range of options we give the customer to select the best product in terms of quality, style, design and suit there budget.

Solar Lighting:- LED lights, Solar Lanterns, Emergency lights, e-candles, Stand lights, Street lights, Bed Lamps, roof lights, mobile lights, etc,.

Mini Power System:- our Mini Power system is capable of providing enough lighting for your room space as well keep you away from heat with our self designed Solar fan with a backup of 4 - 5 hours.

Solar Inverter:- We have various varieties of inverters starting from 400VA to 2KV based on your Home requirements.

Hybrid Power Systems:- Our latest technolgy power systems work with hybrid technologies with built micro processor to control the power needs of your house or Business. Our Auto charge controller is designed to charge from solar power as well grid power in the nights when there is no sun light however it helps our clients to save there power bill through its energy efficiency technics.

Our hybrid system is self programmed to check the battery charging levels and limit it to maximum 50% charging only when it is on grid power and get it hundred percent recharged on Solar power to reduce the usage of grid power and electrcity bills.

Power Houses:- We provide various power houses starting from mini power houses for your house to corporate power plants to a maximum extent of 10 MW.

Accessories:- chargers, Solar Panels from 2w to 200w, batteries, systematically designed charge controllers and lighting solutions, etc.,

* -- SUN RITE SOLAR PRODUCTS are the only Indian branded hybrid solar systems proudly marketed in India. --